Security lighting

Outside lighting is a relatively inexpensive method of protecting your home and scaring off any
unwanted visitors. There is a wide range of security and floodlighting available these days which can
cope with any situation where intruders need to be deterred. Floodlights can be arranged and
positioned around your property and operated either manually, via a photocell or controlled by
motion sensors.
Lights can be operated by their own built-in motion sensors or several lights around the property can
be controlled by one or more independent motion sensors. There is always a suitable solution to be
found for any scenario where lighting is required to protect your home or business. A visit can be
arranged to discuss options and provide a quotation.
Security lights with built-in cameras are another option when it comes to securing and protecting
your home. This type of camera will operate when the motion sensor is triggered and can be
monitored via an app on any mobile device. Once the sensor is activated the light will come on, the
camera will start recording, you will receive a notification on your device that there is activity and
you can log in to see what the camera is seeing.

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