Fault Finding & Diagnosis

When things go wrong with your electrics it can be difficult to know what to do. That’s when you
need the help and expertise of a qualified professional who is trained and expierenced at finding and
diagnosing electrical faults. Typically the faults encountered in domestic systems would be earth
faults, loss of power, circuits tripping, dead shorts, overloading of circuits, shower cables melting and
many other problems which require the intervention of a qualified electrician.
Some electrical faults are simple to diagnose and quick to fix like replacing a blown fuse or
reattaching a cable that has been pulled from it’s plug. Other faults can be time consuming and
more complex like finding an earth fault or intermittent and random tripping of circuits. Regardless
of the simplicity or complexity of the fault the intervention of an expert will bring a solution to the
problem and the peace of mind in knowing that it has been dealt with in the correct manner.
We will provide an efficient diagnosis and effective solution to any electrical problem. You will have
the satisfaction of knowing that your electrical fault has been rectified, tested and checked and left
in a safe and sound condition.

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