Loft lighting

You can change the whole feel and look of any room just by choosing the right type of lighting.
Ceiling lights, wall lights and downlights are available in a seemingly endless range of styles, shapes,
sizes and colours. Recessed downlighting is a perfect solution where low ceilings exist and there is
little or no room for hanging any type of pendant light.
Pendant fittings are more suitable for high ceilings but can very often be shortened to suit whatever
length the customer desires. Chains can also be cut and altered to suit where necessary. Other
lighting options include flush, semi-flush, fluorescent,utility, island, track and chandeliers, to name
just a few.
These days there are a huge number of different bulbs to pick from to compliment any new light
fitting. Antique style led lamps are particularly good when it comes to adding something unique to a
new fitting and they come in a range of different shapes to fit any new light. Also worth considering
are “integrated” led fittings where the light comes as a whole unit and the “bulb” is not replaceable
but forms part of the fitting. Integrated fittings are normally downlights or flush ceiling fittings and
are becoming a more common feature these days.

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