New Lighting, Switches, Sockets

Changing the face plates on your sockets and switches can alter the appearance of any room in your
home. White plastic can still look good today but there are many other finishes to choose from
which will compliment any style of décor ranging from chrome, brass and black nickel right through
to coloured plastic, wood effect and even glass. Appearances can be further enhanced by choosing
between raised edge, flat plate and screwless options.
Adding dimmer switches in place of rocker switches can have a dramatic effect on the lighting in any
room and will allow you to change the feel and mood of a room by simply turning a controller
switch. Dimmer switches give you the instant option of being able to have your lighting as bright as
you like or as dim as you like to suit whichever mood you require in the room.
Sockets available on the market juts now come in a variety of finishes similar to switches and
dimmers. Technology has seen the addition of USB ports, ethernet ports and built-in Wi-Fi range
extenders which are a bonus in any room in the house, especially those rooms that the Wi-Fi finds
hard to reach.

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